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Home of the Famous Disco Bathrooms!

Updated 3/13/2024, Ann Gilbert

Fuel up and satisfy your convenience needs at HOP Shops Food Marts and Truck Plazas.

Discover the unique experience of HOP Shops, where our convenience stores and truck plazas are not only known for providing high-quality fuels, snacks, and services but are also the “Home of the Famous Disco Bathrooms”. Make each trip easier and more relaxing with our numerous locations strategically placed along major travel routes throughout Northern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio, and Owensboro KY.

We have Renegade Race Fuel in almost all of our HOP Shops:  

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HOP Shops are owned and operated by Valor Oil, a company based in Owensboro, Kentucky. The company re-entered the convenience store business in 2018 after acquiring HOP Shops from Harper Oil Products, Inc. & Harper Properties, Inc.

Disco Bathrooms are in 6 of our 15 HOP Shops:

    1. Verona-Mudlick Rd., Verona, KY: “Stayin’ Alive“ by the Bee Gees
    2. 8063 US 42, Florence, KY: “Diamonds“ by Rhianna
    3. 195 Mary Grubbs Highway, Walton, KY: “Time of My Life“ by Bill Medley
    4. 3213 Highway 227, Carrollton, KY: “Dancing Queen“ by Abba
    5. 3189 Western Row Road, Maineville, Ohio: “Party in the USA“ by Miley Cyrus
    6. 430 Mt. Zion Road, Florence, KY: “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springstein

      The Story from the beginning 

      • March 2022 Damon Bail, our VP of Retail Operations & Marketing, got an idea from YouTube where a customer was at a restaurant in another country who did a video of the restroom with a red button that when you pushed it, the disco began.  Damon knew it would be even more ‘unexpected’ to have it in a convenience store bathroom, so he shared with our team.  Most thought it was a bad idea and some (me, Ann Gilbert:) thought it was a great idea and wondered how we would make it happen. 

      • Ever since Damon came on board in 2019, he had been tasked by 2nd Generation owner of Valor Oil, Gary Emmick, to make HOP Shops a “Destination.” Damon knew this was it!  Tim Dupin, the Director of Store Operations, was in the middle of remodeling the Verona HOP Shops (Bathrooms, adding a kitchen and beer cave, and changing the whole cash wrap area), so he thought this would be the perfect time to “slip it in” and try it out.  He talked with our contractor who figured out how to make it happen.  Damon knew he wanted 2 disco balls, a red button you push, a sign that said “Do Not Push,” and it would have to have a special song.  The Verona HOP Shops launched the 1st Disco Bathroom on February 17, 2024.  See the press release:


        BATHROOM RECOGNITION February 5th, 2024, we received RECOGNITION for  America’s Cleanest Restroomsfrom Cintas.  And we are a contender for the award for the year across the US, Voting begins later this year (2024).

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