This Kentucky Gas Station Features a Viral ‘Disco Bathroom’

This Kentucky Gas Station Features a Viral ‘Disco Bathroom’

A TikToker just called it “the coolest bathroom I’ve ever been in,” with good reason.

Most gas stations are essentially the liminal space of a roadtrip. They are means to an end. You fuel up, use the restroom, and maybe grab a snack or a coffee, and you’re on your way. The best case scenario, usually, is a completely forgettable experience. Hop Shops, a Kentucky-based gas station chain, apparently did not get this memo.

As recently documented in a viral TikTok, the chain offers what it calls a “disco bathroom” in one of its 13 locations spread across northern Kentucky and southwestern Ohio.

TikTok user @sydgnome recently stumbled on the disco bathroom in the chain’s Verona, Kentucky location. In their video, @sydgnome notes in the overtext that this is “probably the COOLEST bathroom I’ve ever been in.”

In the video taken inside said restroom, @sydgnome says, “This is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen” before pressing a giant red button with a winking frog decal above it labeled “Do Not Push This Red Button.”

Once the button is pressed by anyone who doesn’t like being told what to do, the regular fluorescent overhead lighting goes away and is replaced by multi-colored spotlights hitting a spinning disco ball, all while the chorus of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” blasts from the speakers.

The video has gotten 1.3 million likes and 4.2 million views since it was posted and the commenters are pretty impressed, with many saying they are already planning a roadtrip to see the bathroom for themselves.

“Drunk me would be in there all night having a little me party,” read one comment. “I want to get married underneath the frog light disco in the Kentucky bathroom,” read another.

Based on previous TikToks shared from the same bathroom, it appears that “Diamonds” isn’t the only bop that can be heard there. Other videos have featured the Bee-Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.”

As noted on the chain’s website, the disco bathroom appears to be exclusive to the Verona gas station only, and it made its debut in February 2023.