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HOP Shops Team Member of the Month Goes to ANDREW GALE

We are thrilled to announce that Andrew Gale has been named the HOP Shops Team Member of the Month! This recognition is a testament to Andrew’s outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to our Maineville Ohio store.

Andrew, nominated by his Store Manager, has proven to be the backbone and jack of all trades for the HOP Shop’s team. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his ability to cover any shift, tackle various projects, and excel in inventory control. Despite being a part-time team member, Andrew consistently goes above and beyond, stepping in during short-staffed weeks and handling unforeseen challenges with remarkable poise.

One of Andrew’s standout achievements includes the complete overhaul of our cooler and back room, preparing for the upcoming food service. His swift response to being asked to become SERV Safe certified, completed the very next day, showcases his dedication and efficiency.

Andrew’s colleagues unanimously agree that he is a true asset to the team. His reliability and willingness to take on additional responsibilities have significantly alleviated the stress and pressure on both the Store Manager and Assistant. It’s a genuine blessing to have Andrew as part of the Maineville Ohio store.

Beyond his remarkable work ethic, Andrew’s commitment to the safety and compliance standards of store 1414 is truly commendable. While he may not seek recognition, we believe it’s essential to celebrate and acknowledge his outstanding efforts.

Please join us in congratulating Andrew Gale on being named the HOP Shops Team Member of the Month. His selfless dedication and exceptional work have not gone unnoticed, and we are immensely grateful for everything he brings to HOP Shops.

Thank you, Andrew, for being an integral part of our success!

HOP Shops Team