HOP Shops in the Spotlight: Featured in Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association Winter Publication!

Exciting news is buzzing around HOP Shops! We are thrilled to announce that HOP Shops have gained regional recognition, being prominently featured in the Winter Publication of the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association (KPMA). This recognition is a testament to the unique and entertaining experiences we offer, particularly with the viral sensation of our Disco Bathrooms.

Read the KPMA Winter Publication Feature Here: https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=809586&p=12&view=issueViewer

In the KPMA Winter Publication, our HOP Shops take center stage as they delve into the popularity of our Disco Bathrooms, which have become an unexpected viral sensation on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Disco Bathrooms: A Viral Phenomenon The article highlights the infectious energy and unique appeal of our Disco Bathrooms, where customers are not only enjoying the convenience of our HOP Shops but are also finding joy in the unexpected delight of pushing the red button and immersing themselves in a spontaneous dance party. The viral nature of our Disco Bathrooms on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube has garnered attention far beyond our local community.

Beyond Convenience: Creating Memorable Experiences At HOP Shops, we have always strived to go beyond being just a convenience stop. Our HOP Shops aim to create memorable experiences that bring joy and laughter to our customers’ lives. The KPMA feature recognizes our commitment to providing unique, entertaining, and innovative offerings that set us apart in the petroleum retail industry.

Join the Viral Disco Party! If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to experience the disco phenomenon at our HOP Shops. Visit us and discover why our Disco Bathrooms have become a social media sensation, spreading smiles and dance moves across platforms.

  • Florence HOP Shops 8063 US 42, Florence, KY 41042
  • Walton HOP Shops 195 Mary Grubbs Hwy, Walton, KY 41094
  • Carrollton HOP Shops 3213 KY 227, Carrollton, KY 41008
  • Verona HOP Shops 2832 Verona-Mudlick Rd, Verona, KY 41092
  • Maineville HOP Shops 3189 Western Row Rd, Maineville, KY 45039
  • Coming Soon 1/18/2024 to Mt Zion HOP Shops 430 Mt Zion Rd, Florence, KY 41042

We extend our sincere thanks to the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association for shining a spotlight on our HOP Shops and the delightful experience we offer. To our incredible community, thank you for your continued support and for making our HOP Shops a hub of joy and excitement.

Let’s keep the disco vibes going!