HOP Shops Celebrates National Employee Appreciation Day on March 5th

National Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday in March each year focuses attention on employees in all industries.  Employers across the country in business and organizations plan employee recognition and celebrations.  We were so excited to participate and celebrate with all of our Team Members.  They are our greatest asset!

HOP Shops celebrated with:

  • A Thank YOU Cookie – We gave every team member a delicious buttercream cookie.
  • Individual Efforts – We gave each team member a Pizza gift certificate to enjoy a nice meal.
  • Visit to the Store – Human Resource Manager, Ann Gilbert made a special trip to most of the HOP Shops to deliver the cookies, pizza gift cards, and tell them personally how much we appreciate each one.  The VP of Retail Operations & Marketing, Damon Bail made sure to stop at two of the HOP Shops.  The Culture Committee set up tables at the Bulk Plants to hand out goodies.
  • Create a Culture of Encouragement – Team members were recognized with our company recognition tool by team members “Awarding Impressions” that went out to all team members on our company social media site.  We use this tool everyday and not just on this National Holiday.
  • We took lots of pics and posted them on our social media sites – the team members could post a selfie of them and their goodies to try to win the Visa Gift Card.  
  • The President of Valor Oil, Josh Emmick sent out a heartfelt video message to all team members sharing his appreciation for all team members.
  • The Director of Human Resources, Sara Emmick spent time every hour drawing 3 team members names for prizes, which kept the excitement going all through the day.
  • When VP of Retail Operations & Marketing, Damon Bail was asked how he felt about the day, this is what he said, “Valor Oil’s Employee Appreciation is truly a core value driven event.  Family is our first core value and without our 215+ Valor Oil team members none of this is as fun or as successful.  So many of our team members bring our core values of Family, Integrity, Profitability, and Safety to life with every interaction.”  He also said, “It’s special to be part of this and there isn’t a day I take it for granted.”  #culturefirst