HOME of the COOLEST Bathroom – The DISCO BATHROOM – HOP Shops Verona KY


February 20, 2023

The Verona KY HOP Shops bathroom is newly remodeled and gorgeous, but what makes it the Coolest is, the unexpected red button on the wall and the sign that says, “Do Not Push”, which makes you want to push it even more.  Then when you can’t resist any longer, you push it.  The lights go out, the music starts, the spotlights come on, and the Disco ball starts spinning.  You can dance and bust some moves.  It is hilarious! 

One day about a year ago Damon Bail, VP of Retail Marketing and Operations with Valor Oil, shared this idea with us.  “The Disco Bathroom with The Red Button”.  Talk about surprise and delight, this was it!  We thought it was very cool and unexpected and would be a game changer.  But how could we do it?  He didn’t let go of the idea.  He started asking around.  He found the resources and experts to make it happen. 

 We invite you to celebrate with us!  Dance with us!  Laugh with us!  Experience the Coolest Bathroom –  HOP Shops in Verona KY – Home of the Disco Bathroom!

 For those that like to push buttons, just to see what they do (you know who you are)…they will NOT be able to resist. The Disco Bathroom has already brought joy to many.  Customers come out of the bathroom with a huge smile, as they walk swiftly to get their friends and family to experience it too.

 Verona HOP Shops has fresh prepared food that makes the place smell delicious, they have a new ice cold beer cave, and one of the best loyalty programs called Ribbiting Rewards, but the Coolest thing and our Favorite thing, is the Disco Bathroom.

We hope it becomes a destination for travelers.

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Hopper’s Shenanigans in the Disco Bathroom