Get Your Groove On: Spooktacular Disco Halloween at HOP Shops

In Disco Bathrooms where the tiles gleam bright, Ghosts and goblins boogie through the night. They’re prepping for a Halloween delight, And you’re invited, so don’t take flight!

At ALL HOP Shops, between 6 to 8 PM, There’s Trick or Treat for Halloween for all to attend. Trick or treat with flair, come dressed up, you’ll agree, In the grooviest costumes, for all to see.

Now snap a pic or take a video, post on HOP Shops, In our Disco Bathrooms, you’ll surely sway. To the rhythm of the night, come on and play, It’s the best Halloween, in the coolest way!

The Verona, Florence, and Walton HOP Shops are grand, With disco bathrooms that you’ll understand. Join us in celebration, across the land, For a Halloween shindig that’s truly unplanned.

Don’t miss this chance, it’s Halloween’s prime, Join us at ALL HOP Shops, it’s party time. In Disco Bathrooms, where you’ll surely shine, This Halloween, it’s a memory to chime!