FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HOP Shops Raises $25,000 in Support of Asthma Research through the Jovante Woods Foundation

Florence 4/9/2024 – HOP Shops, renowned for its exceptional service, clean bathrooms, and innovative retail experience, proudly announces its successful fundraising initiative in support of asthma research through the Jovante Woods Foundation. The company has raised an impressive $25,000, underscoring its commitment to community welfare and advancing medical research.

The Jovante Woods Foundation is not only dedicated to raising awareness and educating about the dangers of asthma but also to supporting asthma research and developing more effective medications to control this disease. With the ultimate goal of discovering a cure, the foundation’s mission aligns perfectly with HOP Shops’ values of making a positive impact on society.

“We are thrilled to have raised $25,000 in support of asthma research through the Jovante Woods Foundation,” said Ann Gilbert, HOP Shops Marketing Manager at HOP Shops. “At HOP Shops, we recognize the importance of supporting initiatives that advance medical research and improve the lives of individuals affected by chronic illnesses like asthma. The foundation’s commitment to finding a cure resonates deeply with us, and we are proud to contribute to their noble cause.”

In addition to supporting asthma research, the Jovante Woods Foundation’s goal is to raise awareness about the disease and its dangers while advocating for better treatments. The foundation’s efforts are crucial in addressing the challenges faced by individuals living with asthma and driving progress towards finding a cure.

“We believe in the importance of raising awareness and supporting research efforts to combat diseases like asthma,” added Damon Bail, VP of Retail Operations. “The funds raised will contribute to the foundation’s mission of advancing medical research and developing more effective treatments to improve the lives of those affected by asthma.”

Notably, HOP Shops is widely recognized as the Home of the World Famous Disco Bathrooms, offering customers a unique and memorable shopping experience. Despite its fun and quirky ambiance, HOP Shops remains dedicated to supporting meaningful causes and making a positive difference in the community.

The success of HOP Shops’ fundraising campaign underscores the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to advancing medical research. Moving forward, HOP Shops remains steadfast in its efforts to support worthy causes and contribute to the betterment of society.

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About HOP Shops: HOP Shops is a leading retail chain committed to providing customers with high-quality products and exceptional service. With a focus on community engagement and corporate social responsibility, HOP Shops actively supports charitable initiatives and endeavors that promote positive change and empowerment.

About the Jovante Woods Foundation: The Jovante Woods Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness about asthma, supporting asthma research, and developing more effective medications to control the disease. With the ultimate goal of discovering a cure, the foundation’s efforts are instrumental in improving the lives of individuals affected by asthma and driving progress in medical research.