Disco Bathrooms Bring Laughter to the Lavatory: A Fox56 News Feature

The story on our Disco Bathrooms was Featured on Fox56News and written and recorded by Marvin Bartlett and Posted: Jan 24, 2024 / 10:00 PM EST  

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FLORENCE, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Hop Shops in Northern Kentucky have become more than just convenience stores; they’ve transformed into destinations for a unique and unexpected experience – the Disco Bathrooms. Fox56 News got the inside scoop on this groovy phenomenon that’s bringing laughter to the lavatory.

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Customers at Hop Shops have been buzzing about the big red buttons in the bathrooms, boldly labeled “Do Not Push This Button.” However, a mischievous wink from Hopper the Frog below the warning suggests that rules are meant to be broken.

Mary Moss, manager at the Walton Hop Shop, revealed that people often resist the temptation to push the button until encouraged to do so. One push ignites the disco transformation – mirrored balls, colorful spotlights, and classic disco tunes turn the bathroom into a mini dance party. The result? Laughter, delight, and countless recorded videos by amused patrons.

Hop Shops, owned by Valor Oil, took this whimsical idea and turned it into a sensation. Ann Gilbert, Valor Oil’s manager of human resources, credited Damon Bail, the Vice President of Retail Marketing, for the quirky concept. The company aimed to make their stores a destination, and the disco bathrooms achieved just that.

Initially thinking it might be too costly, Bail persisted and found a contractor who made the dream a reality. The first disco bathrooms opened in February 2023, quickly becoming a viral sensation on social media platforms.

Valor Oil recognized that providing a unique and enjoyable restroom experience is good for business, especially at interstate exits where travelers have numerous choices. Within a year, six Hop Shops were renovated to feature disco bathrooms, with five in Northern Kentucky and one in Mason, Ohio.

Customers are actively seeking out these flashy facilities, even planning routes to visit them. Alex Hudson, a fan from Florence, celebrated her twentieth birthday by visiting each location, capturing the experience in numerous TikTok videos.

Hop Shops have successfully positioned themselves as places where you can boogie