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David Biery Named HOP Shops Leader of the Month

David Biery Named HOP Shops Leader of the Month

by Ann Gilbert 

We are thrilled to announce that David Biery has been named HOP Shops Leader of the Month, an honor well-deserved for his outstanding contributions, unwavering dedication, and remarkable leadership skills. David, who joined the Hop Shop team back in July, has quickly proven himself to be an invaluable asset to both his supervisor, Tim Dupin, and the entire team.

Tim expressed his admiration for David’s exceptional work ethic and versatility. According to Tim, “David stepped in and took the bull by the horns and has not said no to any task asked of him. He is a great team player and has a bright future with Valor. Congratulations, David, well deserved!”

Damon Bail, VP of Retail Operations, also commended David for his exceptional performance since joining Valor. Damon highlighted David’s passion for learning and his commitment to bringing the team together as a family. Damon stated, “David has taken the ball and ran with it with a great zest for learning more about this industry. He is extremely process-oriented and believes in the day-to-day process of events. So proud to have David on the team and excited for his future here at Valor Oil!”

These sentiments were echoed by Ann Gilbert, the HR Manager, who emphasized David’s commitment to excellence. “David is a great choice because he always gives 110% on anything he does. He is a person who always likes to learn. He is great with people, processes, documenting, communication, and analyzing data making him an ideal fit for a leadership position with HOP Shops,” commented Ann. She also praised David’s willingness to go above and beyond, citing examples such as dressing up as Santa and spreading holiday cheer for over 9 hours on a day most would have been home with family, participating in creative projects like a commercial about the disco bathrooms, or helping with the Disco Bathroom launches.

David’s versatility and willingness to tackle any challenge with enthusiasm have truly set him apart, making him a standout leader within the HOP Shops team. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to David for earning the title of Leader of the Month. Thank you, David, for your outstanding contributions and for embodying the values that make Valor Oil/HOP Shops a great place to work. We look forward to witnessing your continued success and positive impact on our team and customers.