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Congratulations Sheila Justice! You are HOP Shops Leader of the Month

Shelia is the manager of Hop Shop 1409 in Carrollton, our busiest store. She has been passionate about calling the store her own and making the store the most profitable location we have. Sheila is “all in” when promoting new things and has her employees behind her like with Ribbiting Rewards & Make A Wish. I asked Sheila to help train David the new DM, which she jumped in and did an awesome job. This award is Well-deserved and Congratulations! ~ Tim Dupin, Director of Store Operations

Sheila – What an honor to work with someone so focused and driven to succeed. Sheila is the benchmark for leading a store and continues to improve and drive results. She leads by example and empowers her team to make decisions to fully do their job. She embodies a culture of customer centricity, hard work, and results. I learned so much from her in my time in Carrollton, and she continues to support me in my journey! This award is well deserved and earned! Keep up the great work and delivering top notch results. ~ David Biery, District Manager

Shelia is an inspiration by how she is so dedicated to her store. She claims it as her own. She takes care of her employees. Shelia has a lot of knowledge in the C-Store business, where she’s been for such a long time. She knows how to work with customers and employees to make a better outcome for everyone. She’s always at her store, no matter what’s going on in her personal life. She puts her store first, which is a blessing for us. I appreciate everything that she does. ~ Libby Burk, Certification Coach

Congratulations, Sheila Justice, on being HOP Shop’s Leader of the Month! Your dedication, dependability, and excellent performance have truly set you apart. Your ability to run the most profitable store with ease showcases your exceptional leadership skills. We are grateful for your unwavering commitment, as we know we can rely on you to get the job done and support our company initiatives wholeheartedly. Your creativity and enthusiasm are an asset to our team. Thank you for your outstanding contributions, Sheila, and for being an inspiration to us all. Well-deserved recognition! ~ Ann Gilbert, Human Resources Manager