CONGRATULATIONS MARY MOSS! You have been chosen as HOP Shops LEADER of the Month!

We proudly present Mary Moss as our distinguished “Leader of the Month.” With a diverse background spanning various stores and culminating in her role as a manager at DQ during her tenure with us, Mary Moss exemplifies unparalleled dedication and a remarkable track record of accomplishments.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mary has consistently exceeded expectations by adeptly fulfilling every task assigned to her. Her invaluable contributions are exemplified by her pivotal role in driving sales growth at the Florence HOP Shop. Moreover, Mary’s profound insight and strategic acumen became evident when she wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to assume the role of Manager at the Walton location – a store she had long aspired to oversee.

Mary’s influence extends beyond her immediate responsibilities, as she has fearlessly taken on the responsibility of training new Managers, Assistant Managers, and District Managers. Her selfless dedication to nurturing talent within our organization aligns seamlessly with our company’s core values, embodying the true spirit of leadership.

Her unwavering loyalty and commitment to the organization’s vision and values serve as a source of inspiration to her colleagues and peers. Mary’s steadfast support and active promotion of the company’s Core Values undoubtedly contribute to our continued success.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mary Moss for consistently going the extra mile and for embodying the very essence of exceptional leadership. Her outstanding achievements and unyielding dedication make her a role model for all, setting a high standard of excellence within our organization.