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Congratulations Ann Gilbert, You Have Been Chosen as HOP Shops Leader of the Month!

Congratulations Ann Gilbert, Your peers have chosen you as HOP Shops Leader of the Month, and this is what they said…

“Ann is a big part of the Hop Shop side of Valor. Ann has gone well beyond the job duties of HR and took the Ribbiting Reward loyalty program to a crazy awesome level. Ann is there for each employee, even the ones in Group 1. Her dedication to the company has not gone unnoticed by Me and the Hop Shop division. You work extra through the week and on weekends just to keep everything running smoothly. Thanks for everything you do for the Valor Hop Shop Family!” ~ Tim Dupin, Director of Store Operations.

“If anyone deserves this, it is Ann. She is always there for all of our employees no matter what time of the day it is, we can count on her. I can honestly say out of all my years out in the working field I don’t think I ever seen a more dedicated employee. She wears so many different hats; HR, Marketing, Ribbeting Rewards, and the Valor Way. I personally want to thank her for all that she does”. ~ Libby Burk, District Manager