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Congratulations Andrea! Your are HOP Shops Team Member of the Month!

Andrea’s Store Manager nominated her and this is what she said, “Andrea Whalen is the rockstar of the month. She is fun to work with. She is loved by customers and coworkers. She is a valued member of Team Williamstown. She has worked hard to learn a lot on her two years at HOP Shops. I am proud of all of her accomplishments. Way to go Andrea!” ~ Dana Dazier

Congratulations to Andrea Whalen, our Employee of the Month! Andrea has shown outstanding commitment to her role. Not only is she a joy to work with, but she has also established herself as a beloved team member amongst both our customers and coworkers.

Andrea has demonstrated exceptional dedication to her job and has worked tirelessly to develop her skills and knowledge. Her accomplishments are a true reflection of her hard work and perseverance, and we are immensely proud of her.

We are grateful to have Andrea as a part of Team Williamstown, and we know that her contributions will continue to make a positive impact on our organization. Once again, Congratulations Andrea on a job well done!