Celebrating Excellence: Sue Koors Named HOP Shops Team Member of the Month

At Hop Shops, we take immense pride in recognizing and celebrating the dedication, hard work, and outstanding contributions of our team members. This month, we are thrilled to honor Sue Koors as the “Team Member of the Month” for her exceptional commitment and remarkable contributions to our Verona team.

Selecting a Team Member of the Month is never an easy task, as we have many team members who consistently go above and beyond. However, Sue’s consistent dedication, positive attitude, and unwavering commitment to excellence have truly set her apart.

A True Team Player: Sue embodies the essence of teamwork. Her dedication to creating a positive customer experience is commendable. She engages with our customers wholeheartedly, ensuring their needs are met with a smile. Sue’s friendly demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile make her a valuable asset to our Verona team.

A Clean and Welcoming Environment: Sue takes immense pride in maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of our store. She pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that our counters, floors, and bathrooms are consistently in top-notch condition. Sue’s commitment to cleanliness not only enhances our store’s aesthetics but also creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for our customers.

A Commitment to Improvement: Sue’s dedication to personal and professional growth is evident in her continuous efforts to improve. She has shown remarkable progress in asking for Ribbiting Rewards Registrations and distributing brochures, further contributing to the success of our Verona store. Her pursuit of Hopper certification is a testament to her determination to excel in her role.

A Valuable Team Member: Sue’s store manager expressed gratitude for her presence on the Verona team. Her hard work, dedication, and commitment to our shared mission are qualities that inspire and motivate her colleagues. Sue’s positive influence is felt throughout the team, making her an indispensable part of the Hop Shops family.

As we celebrate Sue Koors as our Team Member of the Month, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and express our deep appreciation for her outstanding contributions to our Verona store. Sue’s dedication to our customers, commitment to excellence, and continuous improvement embody the values that define Hop Shops.

We invite you to join us in congratulating Sue Koors for her well-deserved recognition. Her story serves as a shining example of the exceptional individuals who make up our team and contribute to the success and vibrant atmosphere of Hop Shops.

Thank you, Sue, for your unwavering dedication and for being an exemplary member of our team. Your hard work and positive attitude inspire us all, and we look forward to celebrating many more achievements together in the future.

Warmest congratulations once again, Sue Koors, our Team Member of the Month!