HOPPER is Here!

We have been counting down the days, filled with excitement, to share our Big News with all of you.  It is finally time.  It is the day to Reveal.  HOPPER is Here!

He is mischievous, likable, energetic, and Fun!

3 Years ago when Valor Oil acquired HOP Shops, President JOSHUA EMMICK, wanted to keep everything the same as much as he could, but also change the logo to represent a new start. He wanted something that hopped, but wasn’t like other convenience stores have. He decided a frog would be perfect.

A year and a half ago the decision was made to bring our frog to life.  This last year we worked hard on customizing what the frog would look like and be unique for us.  Here he is…Meet HOPPER…our brand new mascot!

Here is the link to the Reveal Celebration we had today – Hopper is Here