HOP Shops New Look Unveiled

Valor Oil’s convenience store chain HOP Shops has revealed it is investing in the brand to keep the stores fresh and inviting.  

Director of Store Operations, Tim Dupin says, “We’re investing in becoming better retailers.  We want people to enjoy the new look and feel.”

The goal is to remodel all 13 stores in the next five years.

HOP Shops is offering a different retail experience.

“We will continue to offer a great service.”

The transformation is about investing in a store you are proud to shop in and our work family is proud to spend time working in.

The HOP Shops will have a darker hue, with black shelves, brown tiled restrooms, dark blue and brown drink zones (with more drink options), dark blue painted walls with digital screens showing promotional items and grey mixed counters. This darker hue gives a warmer feel and ensures all the products will stand out.

“It’s about the customer sensory experience,” says Dupin.

Dupin says, “Our customers want a quick serve experience with a trendy market appeal, and we want to give them that.”

Walton HOP Shop has already been refreshed with this new hue.  The Carrollton KY HOP Shops has begun with the restrooms having all new tile, sinks, no touch dispensers and air dryers.

“We needed to make changes.  The customers deserve it.”

We are only able to achieve this with the President of Valor Oil, Josh Emmick’s support.  He has seen how profitable the HOP Shops are and want s to invest in the future.