HOP Shops Leader of the Month: JoAnn Grubbs

HOP Shops Leader of the Month: JoAnn Grubbs

We are thrilled to announce that JoAnn Grubbs has been named HOP Shops Leader of the Month! JoAnn’s dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment have truly set her apart.

Words of Praise

Libby: “JoAnn ALWAYS steps up.”

Hemi: “As many people know, JoAnn has only wanted to work part-time but has worked more than most store managers in the company to help us out at the Mason store #1403. She has helped me run that store and allowed me to watch my other stores by being there day after day. She hasn’t complained one time about all the extra work she is doing. She has been gracious to the employees that are obviously frustrated that we are closing that store and has motivated them to keep doing their best despite that store closing. She is still helping Tim and Ed with resets in other stores. She has been a true leader while also being a team player. We are lucky to have her!!!!!”

HR: “JoAnn is always on top of tasks. When she steps up (when asked by Tim/Team or when she sees a need), she is proactive in getting everything taken care of. I don’t have to reach out to her or remind her to do HR-related tasks because she gets them done or reaches out to me to get my part done. When she sees team members are struggling, she has empathy and compassion and steps in and encourages them and helps them. We are not only grateful that she came back out of retirement to help us out, but we are grateful that she gives 110% with everything she does. She is also the calm, cool, and collected one and we NEED that in our lives.”

Celebrating JoAnn’s Impact

JoAnn, your exceptional efforts and positive attitude have made a significant impact on our team and the entire company. Your leadership during challenging times, such as the closing of the Mason store, and your continuous support in other stores, demonstrate your unwavering dedication and commitment.

We are incredibly fortunate to have you, JoAnn. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition as Leader of the Month!