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Highlighting the Dedication of First Responder Nick Jarboe



Nick Jarboe, a dedicated First Responder who frequently visits the Lewisport HOP Shop Truck Plaza, recently shared his experiences and insights about his role in law enforcement. His heartfelt stories and reflections offer a glimpse into the life of those who serve our communities

Memorable Experiences on the Job

One of Nick’s most memorable experiences happened last year when he arrested someone who, upon reaching the jail and starting the paperwork, thanked him for treating him like a human being. The individual mentioned that he had never been treated so kindly by the police before. This act of kindness left a lasting impression on Nick, highlighting the importance of respect and humanity in law enforcement.

Nick also fondly recalls the joy of interacting with children in the community who are excited to see him. Recently, three children approached him, eager to learn about his duty belt and the lights on his car. Their enthusiasm about law enforcement was a refreshing and joyful moment for Nick, especially in a time when the police are often viewed in a negative light.

Inspiration to Serve

When asked about his inspiration for becoming a First Responder, Nick shared that he grew up in a family deeply involved in public service. His father was a 911 dispatcher, EMT, deputy jailer, and city cop. However, it was his uncle, a full-time preacher and a respected law enforcement officer, who truly inspired him. His uncle’s motto, “the law is the law and someone has got to do it,” resonated with Nick and fueled his desire to serve his community. He admits that the lights and sirens are a cool bonus too.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Nick spoke candidly about the challenges he faces in his role, particularly the harsh reality of seeing the depravity of mankind firsthand. Witnessing broken families and struggling individuals in his community was a difficult adjustment. What helped him cope was the understanding that the world is broken everywhere and that good requires people willing to do the dirty work. His recent motto, “Here I am Lord, send me,” reflects his commitment to serve despite the difficulties.

Impact on Personal Life and Perspective

Nick’s role as a First Responder has profoundly impacted his personal life and perspective. It has challenged him to be a better and more understanding person when dealing with those he encounters, even the “bad guys.” Recognizing their humanity, he strives to treat everyone with respect and dignity while maintaining law and order. His faith has been a guiding force, helping him maintain a moral compass amid the challenges he faces.

Message to the Community and Aspiring First Responders

Nick’s message to the community and those aspiring to become First Responders is one of encouragement and inspiration. He emphasizes the vital role that both volunteer and paid First Responders play in society. If you have a genuine desire to serve people and help them, he urges you to pursue it. Reflecting on his career, Nick shares that working as a First Responder is deeply fulfilling, allowing him to help people during their darkest moments and make a lasting impact on their lives.

For those interested in exploring this profession, Nick recommends getting involved in ride-along programs or citizens police academies to gain insight into the daily lives of public servants. He also highlights the need for volunteers in fire departments, noting that such experiences can foster a deep appreciation for emergency services and a love for the profession.

Nick Jarboe’s dedication, compassion, and commitment to his community are truly inspiring. His experiences and insights serve as a powerful reminder of the crucial role First Responders play in our society.