Groove for a Cause: HOP Shops and Ickey Woods Join Forces for Disco Bathrooms Campaign

In a heartwarming collaboration, HOP Shops and NFL legend Ickey Woods are teaming up to launch a unique campaign that blends charitable giving, entertainment, and the spirit of the dance floor. The initiative, aptly named “Donate. Dance. Breathe Easy.,” aims to raise funds for the Jovante Woods Foundation, a cause close to Ickey’s heart.

The Cause: Jovante Woods Foundation

The Jovante Woods Foundation, established in memory of Ickey Woods’ son who tragically passed away at 16 due to complications associated with asthma, focuses on raising awareness and supporting individuals battling asthma. This campaign seeks to make a positive impact by contributing to the foundation’s efforts to enhance asthma education, research, and patient care.

Kicking Off in Style: December Fundraiser

To kick off the campaign in December, HOP Shops and Ickey Woods are inviting customers to participate in a unique opportunity. For a $5 donation, customers will be entered into a drawing to win a prized possession – a signed Ickey Woods jersey and football. This exclusive giveaway not only encourages donations but also to possess a unique part of sports heritage.

Making Every Cent Count: January – March 2024

As the holiday season winds down, the campaign will shift into high gear from January to March 2024. HOP Shops will be introducing a “Round Up” initiative, encouraging customers to round up their purchase totals to the nearest dollar, with the proceeds going directly to the Jovante Woods Foundation. Every spare change will contribute to the campaign’s overall goal, demonstrating the power of collective giving.

Lights, Camera, Shuffle: Ickey’s Dance in the Disco Bathrooms

Adding a touch of flair to the campaign, HOP Shops will release a captivating commercial featuring Ickey Woods showcasing his famous Ickey Shuffle in the vibrant and energetic Disco Bathrooms. The commercial aims to capture attention, spread joy, and remind viewers of the importance of supporting causes like the Jovante Woods Foundation.

Join the Movement

By combining the nostalgic charm of the Ickey Shuffle with the modern vibrancy of HOP Shops’ Disco Bathrooms, “Donate. Dance. Breathe easy.” offers a unique and entertaining way to contribute to a meaningful cause. Join the movement this December and beyond, as HOP Shops and Ickey Woods strive to make a difference in the lives of those affected by asthma through the Jovante Woods Foundation. Together, we can dance towards a brighter, healthier future.