DANA DAZIER: HOP Shops LEADER of the Month

HOP Shops Leader of the Month is Dana Dazier

by Ann C Gilbert

We are pleased to announce Dana Dazier as the recipient of the “HOP Shop Leader of the Month” award.

Dana consistently demonstrates exceptional dedication and exceeds all expectations placed upon her. She stands as an exemplary manager, consistently motivating her team to achieve their best. Notably, in any competitive event, Dana’s store, despite having a smaller customer count and a more compact footprint compared to other stores, consistently emerges as the leader or among the top performers.

Dana’s outstanding leadership extends to her remarkable achievements in driving registrations and attaining the highest penetration rate as the Ribbitting reward leader. She has a genuine affection for her employees, reciprocated by their deep admiration for her.

Congratulations to Dana on this well-deserved recognition. ~ Tim Dupin, Director of Store Operations
Dana is a true leader! She is the first to lead from the front, which is a key attribute of any real leader. She is never afraid to jump right in and help in any situation. She is about results and solutions, which is a true value add to the Valor family. She is a phenomenal coach and empowers her team. She pushes them outside their
boundaries of comfort and gets the job done. She is involved and interested genuinely in each of her team’s success and wellbeing.

Dana communicates effectively and truly listens to people, helping foster a truly inclusive culture.She has a clear vision and strategy for her team, and she executes at all levels. Her technical skills and willingness to help anyone and everyone makes her a true asset not only to her team in Williamstown, but the organization as a whole.

She has a positive can-do attitude and a great sense of humor. I have truly valued every interaction I have had with her and look forward to a long prosperous future ahead. Congratulations Dana, very well deserved.

~ David Biery, District Manager, HOP Shops

Dana is a Great Manager. She leads her team by leading by example. She is a strong communicator and has great management skills and is a strong asset to our Valor Oil Family. Dana takes the initiative to motivate her team to be #1. Dana is always willing to go the extra mile to help wherever she is needed. We appreciate all you do Dana.

~ Libby Burk, Certification Coach, HOP Shops

She has demonstrated exceptional leadership by steering her team towards achieving remarkable accomplishments. Her genuine care and concern extend not only to her team but also to her store and customers, fostering strong connections and loyalty.

Dana’s leadership has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the Ribbiting Rewards loyalty program, setting a high standard for excellence. In every sense, she is a true gem within our organization. Congratulations, Dana, on this well-deserved recognition.

~ Ann Gilbert, Human Resources & Marketing Manager, HOP Shops