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Celebrating Excellence: Shannon Boehmann Named HOP Shops Leader of the Month!

At HOP Shops, we pride ourselves on recognizing the outstanding efforts of our dedicated team members. This month, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Shannon Boehmann, our esteemed Store Manager at the Hawesway HOP Shop Truck Plaza in Owensboro. Shannon has been an integral part of our work family for an impressive 16 years, and we are truly grateful for her unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions.

Shannon has been named HOP Shops Leader of the Month, a well-deserved honor that highlights her incredible impact on our store and team. Shannon’s Supervisor Kelley Smith, who nominated Shannon for this prestigious recognition, had this to say:

“Shannon puts her heart and soul into the store. She is amazing! She is aware of every detail, from inventory, to cash, to Ribbiting Rewards, and everything. She motivates the team and is great with customers.”

Shannon’s journey with HOP Shops has been marked by her relentless commitment to excellence. Her keen attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the store runs smoothly, from managing inventory to overseeing cash operations and implementing our Ribbiting Rewards program. Shannon’s comprehensive understanding of the store’s operations is truly remarkable, and her ability to handle every detail with precision is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

But Shannon’s impact goes beyond her managerial skills. She has a unique ability to motivate and inspire her team, creating a positive and productive work environment. Her leadership style fosters teamwork and camaraderie, and she consistently goes above and beyond to support and encourage her colleagues. Shannon’s rapport with our customers is equally impressive. Her friendly demeanor and genuine care for their needs have made her a favorite among our patrons, contributing to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that HOP Shops is known for.

Shannon’s passion for excellence and her commitment to providing exceptional customer service set a high standard for all of us. Her ability to balance the demands of her role while maintaining a positive and motivating presence is truly inspiring. Shannon exemplifies the core values of HOP Shops, and her contributions have made a lasting impact on our store and community.

Please join us in congratulating Shannon Boehmann on this outstanding achievement. We are incredibly proud to have her as part of our team and look forward to many more years of success and leadership from her.

Way to go, Shannon!


Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work, Shannon. Your HOP Shops family celebrates you!