Disco Fever Hits the Throne:  HOP Shops Unveils 5th Disco Bathroom at Mt Zion with Mr Grouchy & Santa

Get ready to boogie on down like never before because HOP Shops is turning up the funky vibes with the grand opening of the 5th Disco Bathroom!  This one is at Mt Zion HOP Shops located at 430 Mt Zion Rd, Florence, KY on December 21st, 2023 from 3-5 PM.  Bring the kids!  We have face painting and the wheel of freebies to spin!

This ain’t your grandma’s powder room – it’s a disco inferno for a dance party of mythical proportions!

But hold on to your toilet paper, folks, because this event isn’t just about fancy tiles and glittering faucets. Oh no, HOP Shops is pulling out all the stops with a star-studded guest list that includes the one and only Mr. Grouchy (aka The Grinch with a Vacuum) and the big man himself, Santa Claus! Who knew the North Pole and disco balls went hand in hand?

The highlight of the evening? The inauguration of the RED Button! Yes, you read that right. Join us in making history as we collectively Push the RED Button for the very first time. Rumor has it that disco lights and funky beats will erupt the moment that button is pushed. It’s like New Year’s Eve, but in a bathroom – who would’ve thought?

And what’s a disco party without giveaways? Marathon Gas Gift Cards, Disco Tumblers, JBL Bluetooth Speakers, and so much more!

As the night unfolds, expect to see Mr. Grouchy breakdancing with Santa. It’s a dance-off of epic proportions, and you’re invited to bring your best moves to the floor!

So, mark your calendars, dust off your dancing shoes, and get ready to disco like it’s 1977. HOP Shops’ 5th Disco Bathroom at Mt Zion is the place to be on December 21st from 3-5 PM.

Let’s flush away the old and welcome the new with style, laughter, and a whole lot of groovy moves!  Remember, it’s not just a bathroom – it’s a disco revolution. See you on the dance floor, party people!